Beer List

Chocolate Mammoth Milk

Chocolate Mammoth Milk - Chocolate Milk Stout

Chocolate Mammoth Milk is the chocolate variant of our milk stout.  Sweet, smooth, chocolatey. Some say it tasted like chocolate milk, other say a chocolate Tootsie Roll Pop. We say try it and let us know. (Contains lactose) It is 6.3 ABV and has a 1.5 Trilo-Hop rating. 

Trapped In Time

Trapped In Time - Honey Amber

Trapped in Time is our sweet take on an amber ale.  A little sweet with flavors of honey and bread. If you like honey on your biscuits, this is the beer for you. It is 6.1 ABV and has a 1.5 Trilo-Hop rating. 

Sexy Malcolm

Sexy Malcolm - Kölsch

Sexy Malcolm is our Kölsch. It is a crisp, clean, well balanced beer with subtle hop flavors. This golden beer is a perfect companion on a hot day. It is 5.5 ABV and has a 1 Trilo-Hop rating. 

Graham's K.L.P.

Graham's K.L.P. - Key Lime Pie Milkshake IPA

Graham’s K.L.P. is the first special beer for opening.  This is a milkshake IPA with a twist. We used graham crackers and key limes to make a beer that will remind you of a slice of Key Lime Pie. Smooth, tart, not too hoppy, this beer has a little something for everyone. (Contains lactose) It is 8.8 ABV and has a 2.5 Trilo-Hop rating. 

Clever Girl

Clever Girl - Irish Red

Clever Girl hails back to our Irish heritage. Clever Girl is a red ale with hints of caramel and chocolate, with a smooth toasty finish. This is definitely a beer for clever people. It is 5.6 ABV and has a 1.5 Trilo-Hop rating. 

Steam Vents

Steam Vents - Steam Lager

Steam Vents is our steam lager (aka California Common). It’s a little caramelly, malty, with rustic hops. This is an amber colored beer that has an earthy taste with a touch of sweetness. It is 6.6 ABV and has a 2 Trilo-Hop rating. 

Found A Way

Found A Way - Single IPA

Found A Way is our take on the traditional IPA.  A bit hoppy, a bit bitter, and a bit strong, this is a good IPA for everybody. It is 6.3 ABV and has a 3.5 Trilo-Hop rating.

Apex Predator

Apex Predator - Triple IPA

Apex Predator coming in at 10.5% ABV, 204 IBU and maxes out our Trilo-Hop scale at 5 Trilo-Hops! It has a nice, sweet, caramelly malt  that gives way and lets the hops take center stage in this beer and once they do, they don’t let go. 

Tiny Titan
Tiny Titan is an American wheat made with watermelon. This brew has been kissed by watermelon with a light hue of pink, the fragrance of watermelon, and just a hint of the flavor. While the watermelon lends it's color, smell, and flavor to this brew, it only complements it, letting the beer still have center stage. Tiny Titan is our summer seasonal beer. ABV

Wine List

Mt. Lemonai

Mt. Lemonai is our quad berry wine. This red semi-sweet wine was made using blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, and strawberries. Plenty of berry flavors ending with a tart, strawberry finish. ABV 13%.